Useful Training Links

NSCC – Nova Scotia Community College

  • Addictions Community Outreach
    Get the knowledge and skills you need to work as an addictions community outreach worker, addictions prevention worker or other human service program provider.
  • American Sign Language (ASL) Studies
    Learn American Sign Language and build your understanding of Deaf culture.
  • American Sign Language/English Interpretation
    Be a conduit for the hearing and non-hearing worlds – interpreting English in a hearing context and American Sign Language in a Deaf-cultural context.
  • Behavioural Interventions
    Get the specialized skills you need to support clients with emotional and behavioural disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
  • Child and Youth Care
    Specialize in the development and implementation of therapeutic programs for children and youth.
  • Community Recreation
    Promote active, healthy living and build the skills you need to organize and deliver high-quality recreation programs for individuals of all ages and abilities within our communities.
  • Criminal Justice
    Contribute to community safety by gaining the skills you need to work in the field of corrections and criminal justice.
  • Disability Supports and Services
    Support individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals for full and enriched lives.
  • Early Childhood Education
    Fulfil your passion for the care, education and development of children.
  • Mental Health Recovery and Promotion
    Work with individuals affected by mental health issues and help to promote mental health, recovery and wellness.
  • Nonprofit Leadership
    Master the complex and dynamic skills you need to make an impact in the nonprofit sector.
  • Social Services
    Create change in your community and enhance the quality of life of the individuals you serve.
  • Therapeutic Recreation
    Enhance quality of life by facilitating recreation activities for individuals who experience barriers to health and leisure activities.
  • Continuing Care
    Become a competent and compassionate care worker, enhancing the lives of the individuals and communities you serve.