Adult Services

Our Neighbourhood Living Society is a community based organization located throughout Halifax Regional Municipality. Our residential teams exist to support individuals (who have an intellectual challenge) with a focus upon independence and personal growth. Our Neighbourhood Living Society offers a stable, supportive environment that assists residents in overcoming obstacles in mainstream society which may present challenges for them.

Our Neighbourhood Living Society offers a structured environment accompanied with clear expectations regarding outcomes within a person centred approach.

The support team focuses on the following areas:

Recreation/Soc./Leisure – Person centered:

Residents are offered numerous opportunities to enjoy safe, age appropriate activities. Our priority is to promote self esteem and community involvement. People learn through their success and mistakes. We encourage life experiences.

Social Skills:

Residents are supported to their potential in a host of household/community tasks including laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, social events, and any other household and social building skill.

Behavior Supports:

Staff are trained in the area of positive behaviour practices, skill development and nonviolent crisis intervention. Behaviors are managed through the implementation of structure, routine, and a high level of supervision and with clear expectations for the resident. The techniques of non crisis intervention are utilized by the support team who are routinely (bi-yearly) retrained.

Health Needs:

Health and hygiene are monitored on an ongoing basis with the goal being to increase resident independence. The home follows the Canada Food Guide regarding menu planning. Residents have annual physical/dental/vision/auditory appointments as required by the individual.


Residents are given the opportunity to participate in community based paid and unpaid employment as determined by their abilities and age.


Residents are encouraged to participate in the spiritual area of their choice, in a safe and informed manner.


Residents are encouraged to promote healthy family relationships through various individualized programs.

The range of residential programs may include the following but are not limited to:

Programming is not limited to these areas and programs are consistently developed based upon the individual’s personal needs, preferences, and interests as determined through the resident’s Life Style Plan. This is accomplished in consultation with the advocate team that supports the resident. (Adult support workers, Care Coordinators, Family, Friends, and other professional individuals as required).

All programs are documented and measured for attainment and restructuring if required. Resident’s program evolution is filed in their individual files by their support staff.

All resident programs must be communicated fully to the resident. We strive to have the residents develop their own goals and dreams. Through personal experiences the resident can grow as an individual and be a positive citizen of their chosen community.

ONLS will strive to development and implement any type of living situation that an individual and their support group wish. Conditions apply.