ONLS prides itself as a learning organization. As a learning organization we systematically learn from our experiences of what works and what does not work. Our goals of learning are increased innovation, effectiveness, and performance. A learning organization is a non-threatening, empowering culture where leadership, management, and the workforce focus on continuously developing organizational competence.

Individuals who wish to be employed by ONLS must have or obtain shortly there after the following core competencies. Department of Community Services (DCS) Standards.

The seven core competencies are

  • Fire and Life Safety
  • Basic Principles and Practices of Personal Care
  • Medication Awareness
  • Individual Program Planning
  • Positive Principles and Practices of Non-Aversive Behaviour Change
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Standard First Aid/CPR

Individuals who do not possess these competencies at the time of hiring will be expected to complete training sessions within six months of the date of hire. ONLS will provide workshops and or training sessions in all of the core competencies with the exception of First Aid/CPR and Food Handlers Course which is the responsibility of employees to attain upon initial hiring. ONLS provides recertification for various topics to ensure compliance with legislation and employee knowledge and application.

The goal of learning is increased innovation, effectiveness, and performance.