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Small Option Homes

Small Option Homes provide support for three to four persons with disabilities in community homes. The residents are supported by qualified staff through a combination of live-in and shift models.

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Specialized Supported Apartment Living

The Program provides 24 hour support and service to eligible individuals who require full support in their own apartment or home. Usually 1 or 2 individuals.

(ONLS does not currently provide this support structure. If you wish to discuss this specialized support utilizing ONLS, please use the request more information and we will direct you to whom you need to speak with).


If you require information regarding respite care or are in need of qualified respite contact we may be able to assist you.

Community Resource

ONLS will take any opportunity to help families, in our community, in seeking out supports for their family members. Please contact us and we will do what we can to assist.


The Independent Living Support (ILS) Program provides up to 21 hours a week of supports and service to eligible individuals who are semi-independent and require minimum support in their own apartment or home.

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The Alternative Family Support Program

The AFS supports persons with disabilities in an approved, private family home. Support and supervision is provided for up to two individuals unrelated to the AFS provider. The program provides a family-like setting for individuals who may require varying levels of support and supervision, who may prefer living with a family, and who will benefit from the additional support a family environment can provide.

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Contact Disability Support Program (DSP) directly at:

Disability Support Program/In-Home Support Program/Family Maintenance Income Support Program

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List of Possible Supports provided by DSP (Disability Support Program) through the Depart of Community Services.